Health and fertility

Both men and woman have their natural health and reproductive health problems which can cause infertility and no pregnancy. This natural health and reproductive health problems can be corrected so as to improve fertility in both the partners

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Health and fertility are two interconnected concepts. Health of the couple trying to conceive affects fertility of both the male and female partner. Health is a very prominent and deciding factor of fertility.
A couple with good health is generally far more fertile than a couple with bad health. The health element of humans consists of both natural and reproductive health. Both natural health and fertility and reproductive health and fertility are very much important because both of them affect fertility.
Natural health and fertility
A man with good health condition tends to be a fertile man. In the same way, a woman with good health is generally a fertile woman. Fertility of the couple increases with the good health of the male and female partners. The health conditions affect their fertility in different ways.
Health problems in both of them can adversely affect their fertility levels which ultimately affect the possibility of pregnancy. Natural health problems in man can cause problems with his sperm. Natural health problems in woman cause problem with the ability to produce eggs. Both eggs and sperm are very much essential for the process of fertilization which ultimately results in a baby. If there is any problem with the production of eggs and viable sperm, then there’ll be problem with the process of conception which may lead to infertility of one or both the parents.
Reproductive health and fertility
Reproductive health has a great impact on fertility of both the partners. If there is any problem with reproductive health of one or both the partners, then there’ll be problem with fertility and pregnancy. Poor reproductive health will result in infertility and so pregnancy will be difficult.
Digestive system
Digestive system condition can directly affect your health. Digestive system absorbs the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. If your digestive system is not working properly, you will not be able to observe the necessary elements and as a result your health will suffer. Health has a direct relation with fertility. The weak body cannot be completely fertile. A healthy digestive system will absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals and will maintain the healthy menstrual cycle and enhance the normal process of conception.
Sensory integrative dysfunction
Sensory integration dysfunction is a condition where the human body is not able to react to the information collected from the scene. The brain functions abnormally in processing information. In such a condition, fertility will be very low as the body will not be able to respond to any external stimuli.
Yeast infection
Yeast infection does not affect your fertility, but it can affect conception in an indirect way. Yeast infection will cause itchiness and irritation which will not put you in the mood for intercourse.
Emotional health
Emotional health has a direct bearing with fertility. If your emotional health is in a fine condition, you will feel better and your libido will be in a high state. In such condition your fertility will be at its best. Emotional problems such as stress, fear, depression will cause natural and sexual health problems which will not let you perform to your fullest capacity. Emotional problems can also cause erectile and other organ dysfunction which results in infertility. Emotional health produce chemical, hormonal, neurological and muscular changes, which can throw off the delicately balanced hormonal system involved in reproduction.
Problems in Males
In males, sperm problem is the main cause of male infertility which shows that there is a relation of health and fertility. If there is a reduction in the quantity or sperm count and quality of sperm, resulting from weak health, there’ll be lack of fertility which means health and fertility are so interconnected. Male infertility is caused by both natural health and reproductive health problems.
Sperm production problems that affect health and fertility are caused by -
Genetic causes (such as Klinefelter Syndrome and Down Syndrome) result in low sperm counts in men. Sexually transmitted diseases affect health and fertility by reducing sperm production. In some medical conditions the health and fertility of the patients are affected badly. These conditions may be undescended testes, varicocele and torsion of testis.
If the male is taking some of the prescribed medicines having negative effects on fertility, then they can affect health and fertility of the male partner. Medicines that cause such fertility problems are anabolic steroids, cancer drugs and some anti-hypertensive drugs.
Sexual problems in men such as erectile dysfunction, failure to ejaculate and premature ejaculation can cause fertility problems. There are certain disease conditions in male which can also cause health and fertility problems. Hormonal imbalances or deficiency can cause fertility problems. If pituitary tumor is present in man then it can cause health and fertility problems.
In some male, antibodies also create fertility problems. Some antibodies may make sperm clump together and thereby render them immobile. If the sperm cannot move inside the female body, then there cannot be any fertilization and so there will not be any pregnancy. In some cases, the male produces quality sperm which cannot result in pregnancy. Such problems occur due to health and fertility problems arriving after vasectomy reversal; spinal cord injury; and medical conditions like diabetes and hypospadias
In females, same types of health and fertility problems may arise which may render her infertile. infection, cyst in the ovary or uterus, blocked fallopian tubes, lack of some organs, hormonal imbalances, problems in the female reproductive system, habit of excessive smoking and drinking, use of illicit drugs, use of anabolic steroids, use of certain medicines are some of the causes that create health and fertility problems in female.

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